Anil’s Top 9 public-speaking engagements in last 10 years

1. Fireside Chat with Miten Mehta, “Interview on Reliance Jio Products” (at Fremont, California where the Mayor of Fremont was the special guest of honour.)

2. Panel with Infosys, TCS & Wipro CEOs on Product Innovations at the WWW conference,
Invite Credit: Prof Krithi Ramamritham

3. Panel at School of Management at IIT Bombay

4. Panel on Net Neutrality invited by TiE Mumbai

5. Talk on Lean Startup Pros & Cons at IIT Bombay

6. NDTV Interview on Agrocom and helping farmers and Agri-analytics business.

7. Indian Business Incubator Award interview

8. The smartphone talk at IISc
Invite Credit: Prof Krithi Ramamritham

9. The talk at Berkeley, California sponsored by Microsoft:
Invite Credit: Prof Krithi Ramamritham



  • The Eleventh Edition of Tata Literature Live! The Mumbai Litfest Monday, November 16th to Sunday, November 22nd 2020
  • Fireside Chat – Ratan Tata Oct 2020
  • The Invincible Company: How to unleash the growth potential of established corporations and new ventures – Dr. Alexander (Alex) Osterwalder moderated by Venky Hariharan and Rajan Anandan.
  • Harvard Prof Stephen Thomke – Experimentation works -, Alumni event, Feb 2020
  • VC Perspectives on Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Today’s World
    • Prof Bill Sahlman, Harvard Business School
    • * Mike Maples, Jr. (MBA 1994) – Partner, Floodgate
      * Lynne Chou O’Keefe (MBA 2005) – Founder and Managing Partner, Define Ventures
      * Lisa Skeete Tatum (MBA 1998) – Founder and CEO, Landit
      * Rick Heitzmann (MBA 1999) – Founder and Partner, FirstMark Capital
      * James Currier (MBA 1999) – Managing Partner, NFX
      * Aileen Lee (MBA 1997) – Founder and Partner, Cowboy Ventures
  • Webinar on Learnings From China: How the Indian startup ecosystem can get back on its feet. Interview with CEO Karbon,

-This is happening to all of us.  We will come out of this together.
-Good to have you share your thoughts. Agreed that there is the probability of a bull run post COVID. The trillion dollar, or should I say the 25 trillion question is how long will this last. Unlike the 2008 GFC which was a debt crisis, this one is business shut down, so 100x more severe. It is unsustainable but then so are bodies piling up.
-Mental States – Economic State affect, consumer behaviour esp. non-essential goods
-Faster, more-adaptive companies will survive, Faster, more-adaptive funds will survive.
– More work-from home.  better s/w documentation,
better productivity, more concentious, better
deadline following, better online sharing & collabn
– Good time to save cash by giving equity, revisit co-founders, negot. with landlords and other leases
– Govt will prioritize large Cos and mom-pop
– Bouncing back countries like China are investing with new-normal
e.g. Karbon card gives credit that is to paid back by end of month.

-Talk to more people to see how their biz models even diff industries.
-Do well – Gaming, Student ed, welness (immunity, meditation), investing from home, online entertainment, paycheck loans

-SaaS etc depends on what bucket:
unaffected, -ve affected, +ve affected


  • Harvard Prof Das Narayan Das – Retail Brand MUJI, Alumni event, Dec 2019
  • ET 5G Mobile Congress – Delhi, 1-2 August, 2019
  • Harvard Graduation Event, June 6
  • Motilal Oswal Event hosted by Founders
  • Edtech Company event
  • Gaming company event

HILDA 2019, , Amsterdam (co-located with ACM-SIGMOD Databases event.)
• Program Committee of Data event (website:, Dec 2018- May

• 1-time Mentoring session with CEOs reg. improving their business:

        Axis Entertainment(Gaming Co, October)
Mother’s Kitchen CEO (Shivani Malik) (Packaged Foods Co, September followed by more sessions.)
Nocture Solutions (Mobile App Dev Co, August)
Enhanced Telecom Solution Pvt Ltd.(Mobile Plan Recommender, July)
• HILDA 2018, June 14, Houston (co-located with ACM-SIGMOD Databases event.)
• Program Committee of Data event (website:, Dec 2018- May
•  1-time Mentoring  for Product-Market fit session with 4 Entrepreneurs at Jio Office (TiE Esselarator Program) – 4Play (Sukrit Gupta), Career Ninja (Shronit Ladhani), MyToch (Vinayak Shrivastav) and GoSeekr (Rajat Jain), May.
• 1-time Mentoring session with Rachit Juneja Cofounder Sheeko, May-Jun
• 1-time Mentoring session with Neetin Agrawal, Cofounder DronStudy, Jun
• Roundtable Participant on “Data Privacy post Cambridge Analytica” with Prof Shishir K Jha of IIT Bombay at Bandra Office.


• “Jio Products”, Fireside Chat at Spinta Accelerator, May 5, 2017 at Fremont, California (with Amey Mashelkar, Head of GenNext Ventures)
• HILDA 2017, May 14, Chicago (colocated with ACM-SIGMOD Databases event.
• Program Committee of Data event (website:, Dec 2017- May
•  1-time Mentoring session with 4 Entrepreneurs over the Phone (TiE Idea Validation Hotline) – Pumkin (Sahil Bakshi), Go Cahoots (Disha Parekh), Vehicle Security (Vishal Sanghvi) and Ashirwad Hospital (Arvind Vatkar), Oct
• 1-time Mentoring session with Abuzar Dahodwala Cofounder Hapzilla, Jun
• 1-time Mentoring session with Mousmii Dharr, Cofounder AtWorkk, Sep

• Program Committee of Data event (website:, Dec 2016- May
• Mentor for Product-Market fit at IIT Bombay Entrepreneurship Cell, Annual Biz Plan competition, 27 Nov, Powai, Mumbai
• Judge at IIT Bombay School of Management, Annual Biz Plan competition, 22 Oct, Powai, Mumbai
• Session Chair for “User Interfaces” in Data Analytics event (website:, 26 July at San Francisco, California (US)
• Judge at ISDI-Microsoft Ventures Batch 2 Startup Selection, 12 Apr, Parel, Mumbai
• Judge at ISDI-Microsoft Ventures Batch 1 Startup Graduation, 1 Mar, Parel, Mumbai
• Judge at TiE Mumbai Internet of Things Showcase, 23 Feb, Parel, Mumbai
• Judge at IIT Bombay Make in India Hackathon, 15 Feb, Powai, Mumbai
• Speaker at SOM (B-School) e-Club, IIT Bombay Make in India Week, 13 Feb, Powai, Mumbai
• Judging Panel Invitee on Annual Business Plan Competition (Eureka at eSummit IITB, IIT Bombay – (Jan 30, 2016)
• TiE Mentoring Session 1-on-1 “Topic: New Business Guidance – Series A funding” (Feb 5, 2016), IIT Bombay
• Program Committee of Data Analytics event (website:, June ’15- May’16.
• Mentored CEO of JAM Outsourcing (KPO/BPO) in 1-on-1 Session.

PUBLICATIONS available at Google Scholar and SlideShare
– IEEE Internet Computing, WWW Conference, FAO Journal, SIGMOD and COMAD database conferences, CEC, ACM, VLSI and AI Conferences.
Thesis Guide for 5 MBA Theses – Vivek Dhawan, Amit Agarwal, Ajay Nyamati, Kandaswamy and Soumya Donkanda

• Interview with Express Computer, Times of India, Indian Express, Hindustan Times, Telegraph (UK), text available at
• Interviews with CNN-IBN (on Youtube), NDTV, Sahyadri, Doordarshan

2015 and Earlier
• TiE Mumbai Mentoring Session 1-on-1 “Topic: New Business Guidance – Choosing the right Cofounders” (Dec 12, 2015
• TiE Mentoring Session 1-on-1 “Topic: New Business Guidance – VC Due Diligence (DD) Checklist” (Dec 26, 2015)
• TiE Mentoring Session 1-on-1 “Topic: New Business Guidance – Choosing the right Cofounders” (Dec 12, 2015)
• Panel Invitee on Analytics, Welingkar Inst. of Management – (Nov 27, 2015)
• Invitee at IIT Bombay Alumni Association Forum (GBF 2015), Goa (Oct 16-18, 2015)
• TiE Panel “Topic: Tech in Smart Cities” (Jun 19, 2015)
• TiE Panel “Topic: Social Media & Net Neutrality” (Apr 22, 2015)
• TiE Mentoring Session 1-on-1 “Topic: New Business Guidance – Sounds of Silence” (Feb 3, 2015)
• Mentoring Session 1-on-1 “Topic: WiFi” (Feb 13 & 17, 2015)
• TiE Mentoring Session 1-on-1 “Topic:
New Business Guidance” (Jan 25, 2015)
• Startup Leadership Program (Jan 17, 2015)
• TiE Mentoring Session 1-on-1 “Topic: Vehicle Security” (Jan 8, 2015)
• TiE Networking Session with Food Entrepreneurs (Jan 7, 2015)

• Mentoring Session 1-on-1 “Topic: Internet of Things” (Dec 25, 2014)
• Panel Invitee for mentoring Student Business Plans, (Eureka by E-Cell) IIT Bombay – (Nov 30, 2014)
• TiE Mentoring Session 1-on-1 “Topic: WiFi Business” (Nov 28, 2014)
• TiE Mentoring Session 1-on-1 “Topic: New Business Guidance” (Nov 25, 2014)
• Panel Invitee on MBA Student Case Studies, NITIE, Mumbai – (Oct 16 2014), Credit: Sumit Chowdhury, ex-President, Reliance Jio.
• “Business Modeling : How to commercialize an entrepreneurial solution” (Entrepreneurship Course by E-Cell), IIT Bombay (Oct 11, 2014)
• Panel Invitee on SMAC: Social, Media Analytics and Cloud, Welingkar Inst. of Management – (Sep 27 2014)
• Panel Invitee for Student Business Plans (Startup Boot Camp by E-Cell), IIT Bombay – (Sep 2, 2014)
• TiE Mentoring Session 1-on-1 “Topic: WiFi” (Aug 27, 2014)
• “Building your Company – MVP, Lean Startup and Other Approaches”, IIT Bombay. (June 11, 2014)
• Panel Invitee on Student Business Plans, Welingkar Inst. of Management – (Mar 5 2014)

{Sabbatical in 2013}


“ICTs, Good and Bad Strategy lessons from Michael Porter for ICT Products”, Welingkar Inst. of Management – (Dec 30 2012)
Talk on “Product Innovation: aAQUA, Akashdoot: Case Studies of ICTs in Agriculture” and Talk on “Challenges and Opportunities for technology-based Product Innovations for Rural India” at Welingkar Inst. of Management (Dec 30 2012)
“Challenges and Opportunities for technology-based Product Innovations for Rural India”, MIT-AITI Program, Mumbai with Prof. Ramamritham (Aug 2012)
“aAQUA Product Innovation & how it spread to leading farmers in India”, MBA students at the School of Management, IIT Bombay  (Feb 2012)
• One-on-One: “Mentoring IIT Bombay BTech. Students”, Student Alumni Mentorship Program, Mumbai (Sep 2011)
• One-on-One: “Mentoring early-stage entrepreneurs” at Enterprising India 2011, TiE, Mumbai (Mar 2011)
• One-on-One: “Writing a business plan” at Mentor Square’s Mumbai funding workshop. (Jan 2011)

• “Empowering India – IT/Telecom RoundTable” at Welingkar Management Institute. (Sep 2010)
• “Internet Communities, ICT Products for Development”, Dr John Lourdusamy’s course at IIT Madras (Mar 2010) (Mar 2010)
• “Internet Products for Agriculture”, International Crops Research Institute for the semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT).
• “Mobile Communities for Development”, Dr John Lourdusamy’s course at IIT Madras (Mar 2010)
• “Case studies of Ventures from IIT Bombay & SINE”, Welingkar Institute (Feb 2010)
• “Smartphone Sensors and Applications” IIT Kanpur (Jan 2010)
• “Mobile Sensors to sense weather & environment”, Workshop at the IEEE Conference on Automation Science and Engineering (CASE 2009), IISc Bangalore. (Aug 2009)

• “Agrocom Business Plan – Doing Well & Doing Good” at VC Conclave, Pan IIT 2008 conducted at Chennai (Dec 2008)
• “How farmer’s benefit from Mobile & Internet Products”, World Bank team reviews our funded project, Pune (Dec 2008)
• “Entrepreneurship at Agrocom: Product Innovation”, Barcamp Mumbai conducted at IIT Bombay (Mar 2008)
• “Product Innovation:aAQUA, Akashdoot & Agrocom”, CII CEO Summit conducted at Bangalore (Jan 2008)
• “Akashdoot: Improving Export Quality Grapes Certification using Automated Weather Stations”, CII Mahawine Winery Conference conducted at Nasik (Jan 2008)
• “Challenges and Opportunities for technology-based Product Innovations for Rural India”, International Crop Research Institute for Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT), conducted at Hyderabad (Sep 2007)
• “Weather Insurance: Insure farming losses by bad weather”, ICTs for Financial Inclusion, CAB-RBI at Pune (Jan 2007)
• “aAQUA, Akashdoot: ICT Applications in Agriculture”, Microsoft Techvista (Oct 2007)

• “Agri-Analytics Business Plan using aAQUA & Akashdoot”, PanIIT 2006 Conference conducted at Bangalore (Dec 2006)
• “Akashdoot:  Weather Forecasting Applications in Agriculture”, Asian Media Information & Communication Centre, conducted at Beijing (Jun 2006)
• “aAQUA: ICT Applications in Agriculture” International Conference on Information and Comunication Technologies and Development conducted at Berkeley, USA (May 2006)
• “aAQUA in Agriculture, Education & Developmental Informatics”, National Conference on Socio-Economic Development,Chandigarh (December 2005).
• “aAQUA Stack for the Intel Community PC”, Intel ISV Summit, Bangalore (September 2005)
• “aAQUA”, Euro-India ICT Cooperation 2005 workshop conducted at IIT Bombay (June 2005)
• “aAQUA – Farmer-Farmer, Farmer-Expert on the Internet” , at the Developmental Gateway foundation Conference, IIT Bombay (April 2005)

• “How can Internet & mobiles help farmers?” workshop conducted at Kisan Farmers Exhibition, Pune (December 2004)
• “Challenges and Opportunities for technology-based Product Innovations for Rural India”, at ADRA Education Conference, Bracknell, England (June 2004)
• “Ad-hoc Wireless Network using Linux WiFi Routers, Baramati Conference, India (March 2003)
• “20km Wireless Link using Cisco WiFi Routers with Parabolic Antennae”, Baramati Conference, India (March 2003)
• Demos of STARLogo and 3D Printing of Basic Circuit Boards
• “Evolutionary Design Automation of VLSI Standard Cells”. published at the Journal of Applied Systems Studies .4(2),2003.

2002  During and right after Masters Degree in Artificial Intelligence
• “3D Printing experiments at MIT Media Lab & Vigyan Ashram Pabal” at Development by Design 2002, Infosys Campus, Bangalore, India (November 2002)
• “Automated Synthesis of Standard Cells Using Genetic Algorithms”. The IEEE Computer Society Annual Symposium on VLSI, (2002)
• “An Evolutionary Approach for VLSI Standard Cell Design”. Congress on Evolutionary Computation (CEC 2002)
• Benjamin Bishop, Khaled Rasheed, and Anil Bahuman. “VLSI Standard Cell Design Using Genetic Algorithms”. The 39th Annual ACM Southeast Conference (2002)
• Masters Thesis at the Artificial Intelligence Center at UGA implemented in C and C++ (2001)
• Several Programs implemented in C++, LISP and PROLOG including a “Talking Oscilloscope”
• Several Programs implemented in Visual Basic and PL/SQL for Citibank

1994-1998, During Electrical Engg. Degree at NITK
• Bachelors Thesis on a MATLAB simulation and prediction of Transformer Hysteresis Loop (1998) (This would be called a basic Machine Learning Demo today using Linear Regression)
• 8085 Microprocessor Simulator written in C++ that runs a program to control PLC with LEDs (This would be called a basic Internet of Things Demo today)
• AI Demo KIT – Demo & Presentation (This would be called a basic Unsupervised Learning Demo today)
• Fuzzy Logic in Washing Machines – Seminar Presentation (No Demo) (This would be called Smart Machines presentation today.)
• Automatic Speech Recognition – Seminar Presentation (No Demo) (This would be called Speech Processing presentation today.)

Programming in FORTRAN/Pascal/BASIC 1985-1993
• Programmed BattleShip Game,
• Tic Tac Toe Game – TAC (with Appu Thomas)
• Virtual Piano – ZAC (with Appu Thomas)
• 3D Cube Rotation Simulation (with Appu Thomas)

PROJECTS (Sharing some here for benefit of current MBA/Engg/Computer Science Students)

Sponsors of Startup At SINE-IIT Bombay Business Incubator

1. Top Indian wineries of Nasik & Akluj: Identification of optimal zones for cultivation of Grapea Orchards using real-time sensors.
2. Leading insurance firms: Assisted ICICI Lombard, AIC and IFFCO-TOKIO Underwriting Team and Heads of several Farmer Grower Associations in covering weather-affected losses.
3. Collaborated/Competed with ITC Megatop, Yes Bank and Cabal insurance sellers.
4. Leading Telecom operator: Assisted Airtel NPD and VAS Team for developing mulilingual VAS service for farmers.
5. Leading Dry-Agri Researchers at ICRISAT and Pantnagar Ag University, UAS Dharwad and over 50 leading KVKs.

5 At IIT Bombay’s Inclusive Internet Lab (DIL):
5.1 Collaborated with IITB Bhav Puchiye Web App team: Simplifying the Market Information Systems for farmers in India, Deployed in Baramati Mandi.
5.2 Collaborated with Vigyan Ashram and Baramati Internet Kiosks (About 30 of them) to deploy IITB products that were ready for testing.
5.3 Established a Wi-Fi campus at VIIT Baramati using AdHoc wireless boxes and a Long-range Wi-Fi link with 2 hops over 20 kms in Pune District (Vigyan Ashram) using Parabolic Antennae and Cisco boxes (involved climbing 45m towers like monkeys carrying spectrum analyzers 🙂

6. At IIT Bombay’s Inclusive Internet Lab (DIL), worked with:
6.1. Prof Krithi Ramamritham, currently Head of Center for Urban Sciences & Engg (Smart Cities).
6.2. Prof Pushpak Bhattacharya & team – (then AgroExplorer Web App team: Machine Translation in Indian Languages via UNL), now Director of IIT Patna.
6.3. Prof Uday Desai & team (then advisor to Microsoft Research in ICT4D), now Director of IIT Hyderabad.
6.4. Anirudha Joshi & team – Keylekh – Simplifying the data entry of Unicode text.  Today this is available on Play Store as Swarachakra.   Their other innovations were Bhav Puchiye, aAQUA’s UI, Mobile Games,  Literacy & Language Apps, Mobile UI and Galla – a Smart Device for Kirana Stores.
6.5. Prof Ali Contractor & team – Polysensors – Water Quality testing.
6.6. Prof Kavi Arya & team (then working on Automobile RTOS) now Director Embedded Real Time Systems Lab.

7. At MIT Media Lab Asia, IIT Bombay and Fab Lab Pabal, worked with:
7.1. Neil Gershenfeld, 7.2. Ike Chuang – 3D Printing (then and now Fab Lab) – Diesel engine tuning device is now a 3D Printing veteran.
7.3. Mike Best (then worked on Rural OS, moved to GA Tech) and now teaches/directs the UN-UCS in Macau, China),
7.4. Bhaktiar Mikhak (then worked on Tower computer)
7.5. Dr Pentland (then a Director of Media Lab Asia) now directs Connection Science & Human Dynamics Labs
7.6. Dr Ken Kenniston, Founder & Director of the MIT-India Program
7.7. Venky Hariharan (MIT Knight Fellowship, ’99) who went on to work for Google India and is now assisting Sharad Sharma of iSPIRIT.
7.8. Amir Hasson (Sloan ’02) who went on to start United Villages and sell it to Oxygen Payments.
7.9. Tapan Parikh(then working on Hisaab – a mobile app for women in Self-Help-Groups now teaches at Berkeley).
7.10 Collaborated with Several MIT Students who would visit India at IITB.

Note: I’m no longer associated with IIT Bombay (except staying in the campus and mentoring student entrepreneurs via Entrepreneurship Cell events) or MIT Media Lab (except for participating in The LinkedIn Group for Alumni).

8. At GA Tech Business Incubator – AI Algorithms in Wireless Mesh Networking inspired by Distributed Robot Task Allocation.
9. At UGA AI and VLSI Labs:  VLSI Standard Cell Layout Automation
10. At AI Lab, UGA: Applications of Neural Networks in forecasting weather, Solving Snake-in-the-box problem, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Genetic Algos etc.
11. College Campus Residents Helpdesk : Assisted Residents with their computing & Networking needs.
12. Boeing Internship: Usability Testing of an Airplane Parts Illustration Software that was used in Boeing Documentation.