Startup#4 Saving water in Reservoirs

Now this may sound as if it is not good for the environment at first, but the objective is to save excess evaporation from water reservoirs.  This means less water pumped to refill the reservoir, energy saved and water that lasts longer for use in cities, suburbs or rural homes.

1 Idea – Plastic Shade Balls dumped on a reservoir to form a protective layer on top.  The product has a life long enough to be replaced every 10 years.

2 Revenue Model – Priced as a Product or as a Service of Installation, Maintenance and Replacement.

3 Challenges –

  • Engineering challenge – Ensuring that the plastic material over 10 years is free of chemicals – this is has been state-of-the-art for decades now, so it is not that much of a challenge with say monthly monitoring of random ball samples.
  • Many people ignore the costs and benefits of water management and would be quick to criticize any such effort as adding more plastic to the environment.  They would of course be right, if the above is not ensured.  The solution thus can be transparency in sharing the results of the monthly monitoring of the shade ball’s lab test.
  • Also check this cool company out.


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