Startup#2 Oil Spill Cleaning






1. Idea in Brief – The 2010 Gulf Oil Spill’s damage was estimated at $ 61 Billion.  Here is a paper on this topic.  The idea is to deploy a co-operating mesh of aquatic buoys to sense the extent of the spill and Mechanical booms that clean up the mess.

2. Selling Example

Sold as 1. Products or 2. as a Service based on area scanned and area cleared.

3. Challenges

Oil spills cause a lot of environmental damage and attract litigation.  This business has to ensure that it does not cause further harm.   Deploying equipment deep in the ocean will require clearances from governmental agencies.  Integrating data on Weather forecasts, Ocean current information, live marine traffic etc. in your product will make it more unique.

4. State of the Art

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