Startup #5 Handyman Services at your home

Home improvement and maintenance is a big business that also gives jobs to a large number of handypersons including carpenters, plumbers, electricians, masons etc.

  1. Idea – The innovation here is aggregating them on a single App-based platform, allowing a marketplace where customers can find handy-person service providers.   One success in India has been Zimmbr and none that we know in Canada.
  2. Revenue Model – Typically a percentage of the fee charged by the service provider (inclusive or not inclusive of Spares/hardware/replacement).  Alternative model is Monthly subscription.
  3. Challenges –
    • Maintaining consistency in the service
    • Any disagreement (or dispute) between customer and service provider will also involve the business aggregator, like it or not. e.g. You would need a top-notch legal team to protect you from legal suits. Don’t let this scare you, protecting your business legally, is part of being in business.  You learn it over time.

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