Thanks for stopping by.  While it is true that it’s hard to find time between work and family and friends, giving back to the community in a small way drives us all.  These pro-bono activities make you feel that you are part of something much bigger than your own tiny world.

Played the part as Jury of Business Plan Competitions for entrepreneurs of TiE – Judged about 125 business plans (2013-2020) with events held in Mumbai.  Did technical reviewing of papers for which is part of SIGMOD a Databases Conference (2015-2020) held in the US every year.

I love attending events summarized here.  These have stopped post-Covid and moved online.

Other Community-related

2017:  Developed replicable setup of Trainers & Computer Labs in Maharashtra Schools for IIT Bombay based on this concept note.

2015-16: Developed features to aid Coordination of Friends & Family during 911-type emergencies.  Filed 2 provisional patents.

Prior to 2013 – this was a full-time job for me as I worked in Technology for Development which more like International Development than tech i.e. it addresses the people who have been left behind by the benefits of tech.

1. 2002: 6 months in a tiny Marathi village teaching 3D-Printing, and Football to school drop-outs at Pabal village.
2. 2005: 6 months in small town Nashik to help KK Wagh Engg College summarized here

3. 2006: Led Farmer Community-building across 500 Districts for 10 years (above URL)
4. 2008-09: Trained Farmer Associations in Weather Stations for Insurance from Hail & Unseasonal Rain
5. 2010-11: Trained Uttarkhand and Karnataka outreach scientists and Producer Organizations.
6. 2012-13: Trained TCS mKrishi team in Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu to take over above activities.

Objectives 3-7 were met keeping a hawkish eye on Managing Costs.