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As part of our work as Mentors at TiE and, we share some business ideas here.  We have previous work experience commercialising technology at IIT Bombay. Now, pro-bono as a hobby in our spare time we meet 2 entrepreneurs a month and help improve entrepreneur pitches and connect good teams with VCs in Mumbai.  Our day jobs are as a programmer at IIT Bombay and Product Manager at Reliance Jio.  This site is not affliated to either of them.   Since 2013 we assist 25 entrepreneurs a year, crossing the 125 mark in 2017.

We are also involved in some non Commercial Initiatives (2002-till date):
1. 2002: 6 months in a tiny Marathi village teaching 3D-Printing, and Football to school drop-outs at Pabal village.
2. 2005: 6 months in small town Nashik to help KK Wagh Engg College summarized here

3. 2006: Led Farmer Community-building across 500 Districts for 10 years (above URL)
4. 2008-09: Trained Farmer Associations in Weather Stations for Insurance from Hail & Unseasonal Rain
5. 2010-11: Trained Uttarkhand and Karnataka outreach scientists and Producer Organizations.
6. 2012-13: Trained TCS mKrishi team in Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu to take over above activities.
7. 2015-16: Developed features to aid Coordination of Friends & Family during 911-type emergencies.
8. 2017:  Developed replicable setup of Trainers & Computer Labs in Maharashtra Schools for IIT Bombay based on this concept note.

Objectives 3-7 were met keeping a hawkish eye on Managing Costs.

Interests include: Helping entrepreneurs improve their pitches and introduce them to investors.

We love attending events summarized here.