aAQUA and Agrocom’s Partnerships

aAQUA is a project started in 2002 to link the Krishi Vigyan Kendras in Maharashtra to progressive farmers using PC and mobile messaging technologies. Farmers receive answers to their queries within 24 hours. aAQUA receives questions today from 290 districts across the country. Pls visit: www.aaqua.org for more details.

Agrocom is a spin-off company based in IIT Bombay’s Society for Innovation & Entrepreneurship. The company is a social venture created for supporting infrastructure building projects, currently providing consultancy and support to organizations wanting to install automated weather stations for the purposes of farm-level disease forecasting, weather record validation for weather insurance and weather forecasts for decision support. Pls visit http://www.agrocom.co.in for more details

Weather Insurance Guidelines & Standards is a forum for the review of weather insurance industry in Maharashtra and review of weather insurance policies offered to farmers. It is also responsible for educating farmers on difference between crop and weather insurance in the popular press.

The Developmental Informatics Lab is a research computer lab at IIT Bombay investigating web and mobile based applications for rural and small town India. Pls visit http://www.dil.iitb.ac.in for more details The work is mostly done by full-time project staff and consultants under the guidance of IIT faculty with a limited number of IIT students taking internships at the lab. Dr Krithi Ramamritham offers a course in Internet & Communication Technologies for Socio-Economic Development. Pls visit http://www.it.iitb.ac.in/~it625/ for more details.

Vigyan Ashram, Pabal was founded by Dr. Kalbag (ex-Research Director of Hindustan Levers) with a vision of educating school dropouts. Vigyan Ashram has developed a one year rural technology program recognized by IGNOU. Its technology contribution include Educational CD services, Wireless internet services, Geodesic domes, a low cost tractor for harvesting, Water prospecting services etc. Vigyan Ashram is the recognized Training & Research Centre under CAPART.

KVK-Baramati has implemented numerous technology-led initiatives in agriculture such as Community FM radio for agri-extension, Sensor-based disease forecasting and Web-based Agri-extension (which laid the foundation on which AgroCom is built.)

Aspik has a good customer base for its organic inputs and other biological products that are currently sold across the entire state of Maharashtra especially for Horticulture crops.

Agrowon is a 16-page farmers’ daily covers a range of topics on agriculture and related fields. include agriculture, animal husbandry, poultry, fish rearing, honeybee keeping, pig rearing, breeding of dogs and even animal care. Some pages are dedicated to recent advances in farm technology and veterinary science. A separate section carries articles on allied subjects such as agriculture marketing, contract farming, and agro business. The goal is to advance socio-economic growth of Indian farmers.

Sailo wines markets several wines developed in Nasik Valley. Two famous wines are hilariously named Et Tu Brutus and Mark Antony. It is reported that 30,000 bottles of these two unknown and unheralded wines are sold within two months in Maharashtra, Dubai and Tokyo.

Message for Employee Candidates

Company Profile
Agrocom (www.agrocom.co.in) is an award-winning company started in 2006 by IITians Dr. Krithi Ramamritham and Dr. Bishnu Pradhan and KRECian Anil Bahuman. The company specializes in customizing cellphones, tablet computers, community kiosks and personal computers so that they can provide information of immediate use to India’s 100 Million Farmers .

The young company was awarded for its contributions to Industry at three different occasions – by Dr. C.K. Prahalad, also by Mr. Sivakumar, Chief of ITC eChoupal and also by Indian STEPs and Business Incubator’s Association).

Selection process
Written test – 50-100 students (10 selected)

Evaluation of student presentations : Regarding the presentations, this is a separate test for 10 Students who will be given drawing and explanation task on white board/Computer. the tasks may be recorded using a video camera so that videos can be sent to Mumbai. (5 or less selected)

Interview over phone (Final offers made for students who make the cut)

Skills Required
Problem solving skills, Designing skills, Drawing Skills, Computer modeling skills (such as 3D Studio)

Designer (Human-Computer Interaction) – user interface design, content design, application design, interaction design etc.

What we expect from students
Smart Students who want to join a co that creates intellectual property. Cut-off finalized by institute, Cut-off waiver, if decided by institute, only for students who were on the organizing committee (only for the Annual Festival).

Training Period

One Month, Additional training in United States for select training employees (Separate test after joining company)

Mumbai City is among the most cosmopolitan city in India, and the office campus is high on “the quality of life” – several lakes, acres of green campus, several facilities in biking distance. There is tremendous opportunity to learn and grow with a Mid-Stage Venture with good funding and revenues.
Opportunities to learn from Agri-Experts (15+ years experience), AI/Comp Science practitioners (10+ years). Based at India’s Premier Technology Business Incubator – “Society of Innovation and Entrepreneurship IIT”. IIT – Indian Institute of Technology, premier Engineer Institution of India (popularized by Indian author Chetan Bhagat, this institute is known to have created several leaders across the world).


* Good English Skills – (You can order Pizza, and yes purchase a car using English)
* Excellent Internet Skills (You read blogs, news and are wired to the Online world)
* Accountable (You understand that companies pay you to do the work they need and not for what is your highest priority. Feel free to work on personal projects on personal time but not on official time.)
* Love a Challenge of a Start-Up environment (You are flexible and adept at handling strategy, sales, technology, hiring – whatever that is thrown at you) . Every year since 2006, we provided stock options to our top performing employees.

Commensurate with experience and equivalent to similar positions in Powai, Mumbai.Anil Bahuman, wwww.agrocom.co.in

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